marianna (mariannoodle) wrote in shrink_ology,

ok, let me see if anyone on here can help me...

ok, i became friends with this guy, and we became really close, very quickly. i started developing feelings for him. needless to say it didn't work out. anyway, we hadn't talked for a few weeks, and then out of the blue he contacted me. so then i did a horrible thing. i lied to him, and told him that i was involved with someone else, just so he wouldn't think i was still waiting around moping for him (which i wasn't). now we're talking a tad more frequently, and he seems to care about me. so, what do i do now?
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well I have done this 2..and u could either tell him the truth and which u tell him that..u were not dateing anyone,but u did not want him to think u were wiating around.. or u could say..that u guys were having problems and u guiys decided to break up..

see, i did that
and he wanted to get more involved
do u want to get more involved with him,?
see that's the problem, i don't know
ic..well just tell him u broke up with ur boyfriend and then move from there..things could either only get better for u.. or only get worse..but if he likes u then things could only get better.!

I notice that people tend to lie about little things to make them feel better about themselves, and depending on what the lie is, sometimes its not a big deal. Your case isn't that big of a deal. The thing is.. if you turn around and tell him your not with your "current boyfriend" anymore.. what if he turns around and does the same thing he did a few weeks ago?
See what I'm saying?

A few days ago I saw this quote:

"Lying is just a confusing way of having to remember too much unecessary information"

Don't remember where I heard it but isn't it true? Not to say I don't possibly lie about little things, but back to your subject, if you like him a lot, go for it.. take a risk.. its what life is all about :)
i did like him a lot, but that you.
you're right.
i shouldn't have lied.
i hate lying
Oh I don't want to make it like I'm persecuting you for lying!! LOL I in no way meant it to sound like that! I'm sorry lol:)
i felt guilty anyway
no worries