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Unspoken words

Okay...so I just came back from italy where i met this guy named Marco. Now usually I'm very uncomfortable around guys...but after getting to know Marco within 10 days I began to notice that I was quite comofortable with him...and was actually begining to like him very much. I wouldn't say that I love him...for usually love doesn't come in 10 days...but I felt and still feel a very strong connection to him. I can tell that he's been hurt before, though, and I could tell that he didn't want to get close to me like that, even though we were practically inseperable on the tour and were closer than any of the other kids there. We taught each other songs on the piano...I even know his goddamn favorite cereal (french toast crunch hehe) but anyway...the very last day we said goodbye without revealing anything to each other. I was too scared to tell him anything and he didn't say anything to me. he doesnt go online much, but he did email me today which gave me some hope since he told me that he doesnt really keep in touch with too many people that he meets in or out of school. i want to tell him how i feel but i dont want to scare him and id much rather tell him in person. the problem is that hes 18, lives in pennsylvania (i live in new jersey), and hes going to college next year (im 16). i dont want to let go of something that could have been great.what should i do?
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