Babeh Muar =3 (mikomorier) wrote in shrink_ology,
Babeh Muar =3

Hey,just joined!

Ii really wanna be a child therapist when im older,ive already started taking classes to train. Ive been through a lot in my life,you name it,its happened,or happened to people close to me,thats why im so interested in helping other people,but Ican share my experiences and help others.

For the suicide thing:
You can never really understand how people could do something like that to themselves,but your right,it is pretty selfish. Bbut,you have to understand that some people are just so unhappy that they cant take it anymore. They want to take the easy way out of it instead of dealing with it calmly,and resort to suicide. My cousin was so afraid of telling people her problems,and consulting with others,that she decided to end her life. She was so tired of living each day in pain,that she wanted to get it all over with. I tried to help her,but there isnt much you can do,its the persons choice. Basically,its just the easy way out,thats all I can say. Im sure the people who do this to themselves are aware that people around them love them,they just dont think its enough. When yyour extremely depressed,its like everything around you shuts down,you arent aware of much anymore. But yeah..i dont what to say really on this subject..but thats about as good as i can do. eh..just wait fer something im good at :D
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